Rise up

Acrylic painting

48” x 36” (122 x 92) cm

I like to explore, to learn, to feel something new and different. I like to listen and to feel. I like to open up and get to understand. To be present. To carefully listen and find a unique beauty in each person, bite and place.


However, when I need to speak about myself- I am mute!


I don’t know the right words to use. I don’t even know if I have those right words.

The power to finally discover all the things that I have managed to repress, is so strong. I repressed my things for the ones that I am expected to do to survive, comfortably stay lulled in the everyday repetition, hide, be as expected.


This beautiful life allowed me to get back to my painting. Eighteen years later my love took me back. It waited for me patiently and built itself through me. And now it surprises me and shows me everything that I have been holding in myself for so long, deep down and unconsciously. While I paint, I learn how to open this space and express myself in other way. It discovers me, rejuvenates me, challenges me to reach further. Motivates me to share every knowledge with you.


Painting is the passion which opens me up and through which I learn. It is a way for me to call my subconscious to color up my thoughts and lighten up my view which is blurred by the everyday rhythm.

What is painted is not final. It’s still open. That is my way to call you to talk about the known and the unknown.


As you can see, I am leaving the blue shadow. I have peeked from the blurry. I’m finally finding my own colors. I let my subconscious speak about the things easily seen shining through my eyes, but hardly ever said through my sealed lips. I let it show me the way, clear the path, shine the colors and paint them so I can understand. To help me shine. To shine a light through the space in which I let you come to me, meet me. I am finally released. I let you teach me. So we can finally touch each other.


Questions awake the unexpected. We think about something new, we exchange. Even though we are not close, we have each other in our hands or on the table. The display keeps us closer. It clears the distance. It gathers us easily. So we can hear each other, to talk to. So we can get together. Move each  other and sort things out. Create new value. Become richer and better. Stronger.


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