Sunday Night Long


I need some intimate closeness. I am missing hugs from you. And kisses. At least I am finding an equilibrium in painting spaces for deeper connections, and I am sharing their closeups with you.

This Art Print is one of three parts of the original “All Night Long” painting. Each of them has its own story. All three of them are depicting places that night keeps safe for us to explore; some of the passions that are deep inside us, but we might forget about them while we are busy working on our daily obligations. We may rich to them anytime we need some rest, a quiet moment with ourselves to think deeply, and make the right decisions.

I decided to join images into a unique collection because we are trapped in a game that is new and unknown to all of us. The great news is that we play it together, and we are joined in cracking the code for a way out. My part is to create a space that gives a feeling of freedom that we have when we travel with people who inspire us to feel carefree and touched.

The value of an individual art print sold separately is $237, but all three joined in the collection comes to you for $444.

I know that in recent times we need special care, and I wanted to come to a step closer. Feel safe to make the right decision and take this space that instantly shifts your mind to travel beyond the obvious.

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Special limited edition of 30 Art Prints in a size of 24 x 16 Inch.

High-Quality Art Print on a top grade professional Canvas.

Archival pigment print, also known as giclée or inkjet printing, on Canson Museum Pro Canvas, that is 100% pure cotton base, and “OBA Free” (No Optical Brightening Agents). All canvas prints are water-resistant and sprayed with a UV varnish to provide a durable, professional finish.
Styles: Abstract, Expressionism, Modern, Contemporary, Fine Art

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