Peacefully Loud Universe

High-Quality Art Print on a top grade professional Canvas.
Archival pigment print, also known as giclée or inkjet printing, on Canson Museum Pro Canvas, that is 100% pure cotton base, and “OBA Free” (No Optical Brightening Agents). All canvas prints are water-resistant and sprayed with a UV varnish to provide a durable, professional finish.
Styles: Abstract, Expressionism, Modern, Contemporary, Fine Art
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  • 10×8
  • 30×24
  • 50×40


“When do you feel free to be truly yourself?” For me, it is when I travel that I feel truly free. But I know it is not so simple to travel anytime we want. That question has triggered me to search further and learn how I can paint in a way that inspires such a feeling of freedom within our home or office.

When I have a clear understanding of the subject, I start painting. Large canvases give me the freedom to dance, get emotional and truly be myself, free from rules, expectations, and doubts. My desire is to spread that sense of freedom to others. With pure passion, I paint waves and roads for the viewer to travel and get lost in their thoughts and emotions. I create pathways for them to find something new every time they wish to spend some quiet, yet adventurous time on their own stories; the luxurious space that reminds us to break free and be true to our own passions.




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