Two grownup independent souls, two autonomous self-determined characters decide to become one.

It feels like they have only one thing in common. Only one. They cannot match each other by anything else but that one thing, no matter how hard they try. Two balls. Independent and on their own. Something pulls them together from deep inside, like a magnet. Even though it stings, it can’t let them go their own ways.

They are locked tight and they travel the World. Patiently. Courageously. They face the same scenes. They get the same colors being under the same Sun.

As long as they have respect for their differences and accept them as a fortune – they remain together.

In love. Being so different allows them to see further and make choices by their own affinities. They exchange. They learn more. They put up new stories. Joint stories. They interbreed their wishes and become closer.

  • 10×8
  • 20×16
  • 30×24


High-Quality Art Print on a top grade professional Canvas.

The unique product. Printed in the USA.
Archival pigment print, also known as giclée or inkjet printing, on Canson Museum Pro Canvas, that is 100% pure cotton base, and “OBA Free” (No Optical Brightening Agents). All canvas prints are water-resistant and sprayed with a UV varnish to provide a durable, professional finish.

Styles: Abstract, Expressionism, Modern, Contemporary, Fine Art

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