What makes you feel free?

I’ve been a long way to this point! Because I was trained to DO what is expected of me by others. I’ve spent years to learn how to say what I want to BE, and how to make it be. I have a lot to learn!

The feeling of unrest that I had in front of people who already “know everything the best” put me in a situation to question my values.

In order to defend myself from judgment and refusal, I’ve chosen a picture of myself that would rather be in line with what they expect from me to accept me. Because it was easier and faster to go through situations that I could not choose. Over time, I learned to read the mimic of other people’s needs and I totally forgot for my own.

I worked a lot, talked about everything except about myself. I have always had a problem to name what is it so special about me, to say what I want or to show what I feel…

I made a move on the canvas, leaving the paint on while I was lost in my thoughts…
And it worked!

I want to know how do you feel… Do you know what makes you feel free? How much time do you spend with that? 


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