What Made Me Want to Become an Artist?

What Made Me Want to Become an Artist?

Acrylic and charcoal painting, 48” x 60”

Flame of Endearment

I grew up in South-East Europe, in times of economic downturn, sanctions, inflation, wars, bans… Adults were busy with survival, work, obligations… Usually, they were worried, nervous and distant. Everyone but artist Pero.

For him, everything was easy and joyful. He enjoyed exploring the world with children, listening carefully to our stories and keeping all our secrets safe. “Do not be angry with your parents. Their fear does not allow them to see how beautiful they are. Just try to remind them sometimes.” The smiling artist would take us for a walk in nature, to talk and collect random things. He always had an idea of how we can transform them, connect and create something new and unique. While he was painting his vision of life, he would be teaching us how to observe and understand nature and people, and how to find beauty in everything around us.

“Anything is possible. You just have to make it happened.”

Grownups said he was crazy. But that was a kind of crazy I always wanted in my life.

What is your crazy?

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