The Paradox of Choice

The Paradox of Choice

Acrylic painting 72” x 48” (183 x 122) cm

Do you ever really think about the people you meet, with whom you spend time, do you ever wonder if you actually know them?

Do you mark your borders of how far is enough to know only precisely over the lines of obvious or do you let the discovery go further?

Do you open new topics every time you see them; do you go deeper digging up the ones that are already open or you gave up on that too?

Do you carefully listen to what people have to say, or would you instead be looking for their flaws? Do you try to measure up if it’s right or wrong? Does his lip go down to the left or right when he speaks? Do you compare him with yourself? Judge? Try to figure out who is guilty of what? Your curiosity is getting stronger, or is it your need to defend yourself the one who will win this time?

How much of your own space have you cleared up for all the new things that are waiting for you to get to know them? The new values, amazing people that you are just about to get to know?

I hope you listen… What is your choice?

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