The colors of a warm welcome. Detroit.

The colors of a warm welcome. Detroit.

Acrylic painting

Size: 36” x 24” (92 x 61 cm)

It’s been a year since we moved to Detroit.

I can’t tell you the stories I’ve heard about the city… But I can tell you that it was not about their outdated, scary stories about the city they don’t know much about. It was about me. I became a mother at the time and I was the happiest star at the universe. But that universe was all new for me, and I was walking through it alone most of the time. It was not just the precious moments of motherhood; I was scared with fears I have never faced before. When it was just me, I had no idea that those fears existed inside me. Earlier, most of decisions and activities that were part of my normal life, the others conspired as too crazy to ever try themselves. Suddenly, I started to worry about everything- is my child safe now, what if something happens to him or me, there is no one there I can call for help… I was not ready for that move, so everything I heard about Detroit made me insecure. Like in the movies, I cut my hair offs and I was ready to move into the ninja-mama protective mode.

On the contrary, to my surprise, it turns out that it was such a great move.

Detroit is a beautiful city with a rich cultural heritage. It shines in vivid colors and artistic freedom, and offers a variety of possibilities and entertainment for all tastes. Whether you like visual arts or music, film, theater, sports, fishing or chilling by the water… you can find something that satisfies your intellectual curiosity.

This place is where I feel safe and motivated to listen, feel, learn… to hear my voice and collaborate with the others, to help creating even better days.

What makes life in Detroit the most special are PEOPLE- from all over the world, who sincerely enjoy life. After work they focus on family and friends. Together they explore the city and all the beautiful nature that Michigan has to offer.

I’m so grateful for all the beautiful people I met here. They are smart and kind, willing to help and share knowledge and happiness.

So, we decided to stay in Detroit for a while, to meet more people, to spend more quality time with friends, to explore more beautiful nature of Michigan, to be more resolute and focused. To spend less time warring and more time enjoying.



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