Freezing shine

Freezing shine

Acrylic painting

Size: 24” x 18” (61 x 46 cm)

How often does it happen to you that you just can’t stop looking at a face of a warm and kind woman who is armed by the iron mask shield to protect her own light and colors?

It must be important to you too, since you let that thing hurt you so much.

You smirk at her while she tries again and again to tell a nonsense story with that fake smile on her face and you just know where it all goes. If only you could close your eyes and become invisible…

Are you searching for the purpose in all of this by browsing the boxes of your own conscious or, finally, you decide to really talk to her?

Words hurt you? Do you ever wonder how long it took them to find their own place in her mind? Do you ever wonder how they managed to withstand all the hiding, sweetness and bitterness in order for them to come to you all scattered and again rearranged?

You don’t like the tone? What if her voice is flooded with fear from your reaction and judgment?

Is your anger trigger closer to your hear than love is?

The easiest thing is to turn your back and walk away, to build up another layer of denial that “time will tell”… And if it was so, would you be able to recognize the sign or would you decide to wait for someone else to give up on you, just like that?

Can we talk about this?



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