Acrylic painting

Size: 36” x 24” (92 x 61 cm)

We are so stubborn sometimes that we don’t let anything change our usual way of thinking. We have been taught that never being wrong is actually a good thing, it shows a strong character. And we accepted those teachings, put a stone over our habits and we live with it.

We start to believe that repeating something over and over makes it more secure. We clear the way we walk on, we put concrete over it. Same old people, same old stories- Hey, remember when we were in High School on our break when that and that… And look at these kids today…

The layer of concrete under us is so secure, we stand firmly on the ground. We take good care that each of our steps is right, just as people around us expect it to be. It’s what they expect you to do in order for you to be marked as “success”, I guess. We let them guide us even further in their opinion of us.

And you, how are you? You don’t want to change anything?

You say you’re fine. At least be more creative when choosing your excuses. Pinch yourself! Check if you’re alive.

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