Cutting edge scream. New York.

Cutting edge scream. New York.

Acrylic painting

Size: 24” x 20” (61 x 51 cm)

I like to enrich myself by breathing in the life of the places I visit for the first time.  I want to feel the rhythm, inhale the scents, absorb all the colors, and look at the people.  I like to see how they react when I break their daily routine by asking a few questions and give them compliments.

Compared to all the other places I have visited or lived at, New York is a city of the most dramatic contrasts. So many beautiful people gathered from all over the world with a desire to write their own page in the history of the famous ones.

I have high expectations because I believe that for extraordinary success, you need to be hell ready!

I burn with the desire to meet what kind of a crazy “click” there is in their heads while cutting through their own ways towards the top of the hill of the Big Apple. I explore, I test, I peek in, I ask…. I carefully listen…
Is it possible that all I see is the impression of dead dynamics of empty eyes and shallow running after their own tail?

How to find a place to store things that you get disappointed in?

Why do I feel so uncomfortable when I get the general answer from them: “I can’t. It’s like… tired. I’m just tired!”

I make a move on the canvas, leaving the paint on while I am looking for the answers…

What is the magic in walking on the beaten path?  Is it because you can walk fast and without much thinking?  Is it magic if you are following the signs that other people put there?  Those signs were set for the millions of people who walk the same paths.  They walk down these guided paths thinking they will conquer the top of some new hill.

Run along all the crossed, parallel, and perfectly marked paths. Numbers denote the paths.  We fall asleep quickly counting numbers, right?  The colors are simple and clear.  The light is so bright it cuts your eyes, it makes you look down.

Luckily, you have the night as a break from the fast and empty pace.  You let yourself dream, but when you wake up, you continue at the same pace as before.  You think to yourself, the faster you go, the sooner you will be there.  It’s better not to look up because the buildings are too high. They hide the perfect blue sky, and they cut the horizon by their sharp cold walls.  You easily fall into the pattern of the masses by never asking if there is a better, smart way.  You say to everyone around that you are so tired.  You get your coffee to go, and you drink it from a paper cup while you keep running. On your own. Alone.

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